Keep the foil for at least three hours or overnight.
Wash your hands with soap before handling your new tattoo.

Remove the foil, wash the tattoo carefully with your hands to remove all surface blood, sweat and ink.
To avoid irritation from the tape, remove foil after a few minutes of showering.
Clean with just water, PH Neutral soap can be used, but no normal soap.
Rinse with water, let it dry in open air or pat dry with a clean towel.

We advise Cicaplast B5 or Easy Tattoo, always apply a thin layer of ointment.
Repeat 3 to 6 times a day for at least 14 days to maintain hydration.
It helps settling the tattoo nicely if you keep going a bit for an extra 2 weeks.
You may refilm for two nights to avoid stains in your bed. Also if you have a dirty job during work. Keep your tattoo open for the rest of the time.

After 3 to 7 days, the tattoo may start to peel and scab.
Don’t pick or peel the skin away. Let it fall off naturally during washing or application of cream. Fresh skin will soon replace the dead skin.
The ink may fade during the process, but will return when healing is completed.
The cream will keep your tattoos from drying and the skin areas soft and moist.
Too dry skin will crust and push ink out during the healing process.
When you have a real crust, increase cream frequency.
Always apply slightly, too much prevents the skin from breathing.

After a few months you may sunbathe in moderation.
Use sun cream, factor 50 to prevent early fading.
Exposure to the sun is the major cause of tattoo fading.

Do change your bed sheets if you have pets entering the bed room.
Do continue applying cream as long as the tattoo feels sensitive.
Do keep in mind good aftercare is part of a good endresult!
Do get in touch if your tattoo needs a touchup.
Do get in touch you’re worried about the healing process or have a infection.

Don’t apply Vaseline or petroleum based products.
Don’t apply alcohol.
Don’t rub, scratch or pick at the tattoo.
Don’t expose the tattoo to direct sunlight.
Don’t swim, no sauna, no steam bath or bathtub for 3 to 4 weeks.

Happy Healing!